Making a difference



Malcolm had just been released from a lengthy stay in hospital. He was still quite poorly and had no local family to provide any household goods. His social worker contacted us as he was due to move into a completely empty property, 2 days before Christmas. He literally had a few clothes and personal items, nothing more.

We arrived with a van load of furniture and white goods, Christmas decorations and a large food parcel to see him through the immediate holiday period. When we left, Malcolm was sitting in a comfy armchair, next to his Christmas tree, eating satsumas and watching a festive film!


Dave had been living in the local recovery hostel for a couple of months when he decided to come up and see what we do at Re-Loved. Very quickly he found he had a passion for restoring furniture and giving it a new lease of life. Dave was having personal challenges at the time and we were able to gently support him. He found his anxiety levels decreasing as he got creative with each piece of furniture and enjoyed the friendship he found within the team.

We were able to support Dave as he moved on from the hostel into his own accommodation and he has also found a new social group within the local church community too.


Rita was heavy with grief following the death of her mother. She was feeling overwhelmed with the task of sorting through her mother’s house and belongings.

We were able to gently help with the process of letting go of the items, as we told Rita about the mum and children who were leaving the local Women’s Refuge who would be receiving the donations. Rita’s mum had suffered domestic violence herself as a young woman and Rita felt sure that her mum would be delighted to bless this family with a new start in a new home with everything they needed to be getting on with for now.


Matthew had managed to secure a small studio flat having come from living on the streets.  He had no furniture and since he had a ground floor flat and no curtains, he would sit in the dark on returning from work, so that people passing by couldn't see that he had nothing with which to furnish his home. 

Re-Loved provided furniture and of course new curtains to give him privacy and help restore his dignity.


Jana was enduring treatment for cancer and finding general daytime activities quite challenging.  Amongst other items, Re-Loved donated a slow cooker so that she could make dinner during the morning when she had more energy. The teenagers could serve the food themselves later in the afternoon while she was resting. 

Re-Loved also provided new toys to keep the younger children occupied while she watched them play.

Names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.