The Restored Project

Restored has been on 'pause' for a while, but we aim to be up and running again very soon.

Restored’s aim is to provide volunteer opportunities to those with barriers to work who need to overcome challenges such as recovering from addictions, mental health issues, disabilities or isolation before venturing back into the work environment.

Restored provides support and training in upcycling unwanted items of furniture in a safe and friendly atmosphere, thus building self esteem and confidence. Items that have been given a new lease of life are then sold in our charity shop to create funding for both the Re-Loved and Restored projects.

Volunteers can chose an item to be repaired and restored and then create a plan to give it a new lease of life. We offer training in a variety of techniques including shabby chic, crackle and ‘chippy’ paint styles, stencilling and the use of various waxes to really get creative. Volunteers can either concentrate on one part of the process of a piece, or work on the item from start to finish.

A great deal of satisfaction is gained from knowing that someone has chosen your creation at the shop and taken it back to showcase in their home.