Re-Loved Shop in Ferring

In April 2016, we opened a joint charity shop in Ferring with Link to Hope to help support the work of Re-Loved. From here we sell some of the furniture we have upcycled from our Restored project and other items donated to help raise funds to continue our work in the community.

We also offer volunteering opportunities to people we are working with as a first step back to employment. These roles are varied and help to build confidence, empowerment and skills.

Our shop is not only a great way of raising funds to keep the warehouse and van running, but is also a fantastic way of showcasing some of the beautiful pieces our volunteers have lovingly given new value to.

All donations are lovingly cleaned, steamed and presented at their very best. The exciting thing about shopping in a charity shop is that you never know what you will find until you see it and fall in love with it. The saying goes ‘One man’s toot is another man’s treasure’!

You can always be sure of a wonderful welcome by our lovely staff and there is a fantastic sense of community within our Ferring shop. Pop along and find out more on the stories of the essential work of Re-Loved in the community and that of Link to Hope abroad.

Every donation is most gratefully received!

You will find us at 62 Ferring Street, Ferring, West Sussex, BN12 5JP.