Ways you can help

Donate furniture and household items
Many of us keep items in our homes that we no longer use but just haven’t gotten around to sorting out yet. Maybe it’s a single bed we don’t need or left over items following downsizing of a property. It could even be some tea towels that you’ve never used. All of these items are invaluable to someone who is starting again and moving into empty accommodation or cannot afford to replace something that has broken. Many re-usable items end up in landfill every day because people don’t know or are unsure of what to do with them. We can help you to help your community by matching your surplus with a family in crisis. Please consider donating all your unwanted items to us.
Collecting, sorting, making items fit for repurpose and then getting them out to those who really need them is essential. For this we need volunteers! Volunteering with us can instil purpose and value into those needing to find their place in the local community and provides them with a safe and fun environment to spend their time. They also gain training, grow in confidence, overcome challenges and build friendships. Volunteers are greatly valued within Re-Loved and everyone is welcomed into the team. Please consider spending a few hours either collecting items, sorting stock, restoring furniture, painting items or helping in our charity shop.
You may feel you would like to do a small fundraising event to help our charity continue the work we do in our local community. This may be by nominating our charity at your place of work, or school, hosting a cream tea for your friends and neighbours, or by inviting us to share our inspiring stories with your social group.
Social Media
There are opportunities to help us source items by sharing our emergency requests on social media. Sharing posts helps to widen our network of donators and supporters. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Other ways you can help: